Health and Wealth

Better Yo’self: Your health is your wealth

Your wealth or ability to make wealth is linked to your health. Here in the UK every year your vehicle has to pass the MOT test to make sure it is road worthy. However, not much attention is given to our health unless something happens by then it’s too late or a much needed wake up call. We should make it a point to have an MOT for our health every year.

We push and push our bodies to work harder and longer hours at work to the detriment of our health. Don’t get me wrong I believe in hard work but there needs to be a balance. If you thrive at closing deals, meeting deadlines, public speaking, meeting target and deadlines give your best but remember balance. However if it causes you anxiety, sleepless nights, dreading work then you need to reevaluate your position.  Listen to your body and do not ignore tell tell signs. A headache here and there, tight chest, gloomy days don’t ignore anything, these symptoms could be the beginning of something more serious.

As an employee the best in your field or business owner most profitable you are replaceable should you fall I’ll or worse but to your family you are irreplaceable.

Debt is another vice if ignored can be detrimental to your health. It can weigh you will mentally and drain you physically. Ignoring telephone calls and letters does not take away the problem, find the courage to call your debtors, make payment arrangements and stick to the plan. Anxiety, fear and sleepless nights can occur if you do not face your debts. There are many charities that can help you manage your debt and get you back on your feet.





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