Household cleaning

Store cupboard cleaning products

In an effort to use less harmful products around the house, the products below have done a good job at cleaning around the house. Unless cleaning products were foamy and thick consistency, I never felt my house was clean. How wrong I was, these products clean just as good. Most importantly I am not inhaling harmful chemicals while cleaning, I’m not coughing because the smell is too strong either. Don’t get me wrong I still use cleaning products which are as close to nature as possible.



Distilled vinegar is a multipurpose product not to mention cheap. I mainy use it for cleaning tables, mirrors, kitchen counters and remove lime scale from taps and kettles.

Coca cola

coca-cola-736967_1920 (1)

Tarnished, rusty, stained or lime scale  not a problem soak, dip, dub, or damped item in Coca Cola and it will be brought back to life. Just like KFC seasoning secret ingredient remains a secret, we don’t know the secret ingredient to Coco Cola. It’s powerful effects to restore items makes we wonder what damage we are doing inside our bodies.

Bicarbonate soda


Always reminds me of science experiments especially when I use it to clean my drain, I start by pouring the bicarbonate soda down the drain them vinegar and I love the volcano fizz effects creates. Great at eliminating odours in bins furniture and mattresses.



I remember when we were young scrunching newspapers until they were soft and using them to shine windows and glass lanterns. We receive free newspapers and they are put to good use and recycling.


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