How to make groceries last longer


  1. Never be without your staples such as rice, pasta, beans, tin chopped tomatoes as they are the base of many dishes. Eggs are rich in protein and are a staple which can be used to make, omelettes, baking, binding other ingredients and sandwiches. Did I mention it is a good hair treatment mask!
  2. When picking items with a short shelf life, always check the expiry date and choose the one with a longer expiry date. You will find items such as bread with a longer expiry date are placed at the back whereas those about to go off stacked at the front.
  3. Buy items with a long shelf life such as dried beans, grains and legumes
  4. Separate and use bruised fruit and vegetable first to avoid the rest from spoiling
  5. Pick fruit and vegetable that look fresh, don’t be afraid to lift the fruit or vegetable box and get to the one beneath to get more fresh produce that has not been bruised
  6. Buy produce that you can use for multiple things for examples bananas can be eaten not only as fruit but you can make smoothie, banana bread, pancakes. Speaking of bananas always keep them separate as they can cause other fruit to over ripen
  7. Know how to pick fruit and vegetable whether ready to eat or needs ripening. For example how do you pick a ripen pineapple or cantaloupebread-1363036_1920
  8. Store meat in portion sizes that you will use on the day for cooking.
  9. Nothing should be wasted, stale bread can be used for making croutons
  10. There are numerous things you can do with roast chicken left overs, sandwiches, casserole dishes, use the carcass to make broth, chicken salad.
  11. If your fruits area about to go off make a fruit salad or freeze them to make smoothies.
  12. Use left over juices to make ice lollies
  13. Left overs should not be frowned upon, freeze and use as the next meal.
  14. Store your food correctly some fruits and vegetables last longer stored in a  dark, dry cool place.
  15. Consume what is in the freezer as items can be left there for months and months
  16. Use ingredients that keep you fuller for longer such as roasted sweet potato instead of the usual spud, whole meal bread instead of white.

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