food shopping savings

How to save on food shopping


Savings for your groceries/food shopping should make a positive impact in your daily life. If in anyway you are compromising your health or that of your family in order to save money or it is making you unhappy please stop and re-evaluate.

Check your fridge and cupboards to take stock of what you have and what needs replenishing. Remember to add in a buffer in your food shopping budget.

  1. Have a meal plan
  2. Stick to the shopping list which should reflect the meal plan
  3. Buy food that is in season it is cheaper
  4. Buy local produce from the market or butcher it is much cheaper and fresher
  5. Grow your own fruit and vegetables or herbs in the allotment, vegetable patch or window sill planter.
  6. Under no circumstances should you go food shopping when you are hungry guaranteed you will go off track and buy things which are not in your shopping list
  7. Buy in bulk things like toilet tissue or other items with a long shelf life
  8. It is cheaper to buy loose fruit and vegetables instead of pre-packaged as the price includes packaging
  9. Shop once a week, frequent trips to the supermarket means you are more likely to spend on unwanted items
  10. Learn to make your own bread and cakes it will save you money in the long run.
  11. Cook from scratch it is much cheaper than pre-made foodretro baking-1291738_1920
  12. Do your food shopping online, less distraction from special offers or wondering down the isles and picking up items you don’t need
  13. Shop at the reduced isle section
  14. Supermarket brand items are as good quality as big name brands
  15. Find out if there are particular day/s of the week items are  on special offer
  16. Just because it is on special offer doesn’t mean you have to get it. It’s easy to pick up special offer items as its just a few pence or pound more and it doesn’t hurt your pocket.
  17. Shop at budget supermarkets, they have good quality items cheaper than big supermarket chains
  18. Price is the only loyalty you should have to a supermarket but not because its close to your house. If it is cheaper in another local supermarket then shop there.
  19. Use and stick to coupons which offer money off with no strings attached. Not the ones which draw you in to spend more to save more. 3 for 2 is a good example.
  20. Priced items does not mean good quality

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