Daily money saving tips

Daily money saving tips


  1. Do your food shopping online as you are most likely to stick to the list. In store promotions and special offers are strategically displayed it is hard not to pick up something not on the list.
  2. Meal planning puts you on track to saving money as you will not be wondering down the isle and putting anything in you food basket. Also keeps you organised as you know ahead of time what you will be cooking. It is so true never go food shopping when you are hungry.
  3. Make packed lunch the night before, as it is easier to just put it in the bag in the morning.
  4. Freeze left overs instead of throwing away.
  5. Eating in with friends is the new going out, have each person bring in a dish or drink and have fun!
  6. No shame shopping down the reduced isle for groceries.
  7. Avoid takeaways, again this goes back to meal planning if you want to save money.
  8. Cut down on morning coffee trips from your favourite coffee shop on your way to work, instead make your own or join the tea club at work.coffee-1281842_1920
  9. Cancel magazine subscription, there is great online content from bloggers dare I say it better than magazines. The only time I get magazines is when it includes goodies I’m interested in trying out.
  10. Pay your credit card in full every month so you do not accrue interest charges.
  11. If you are not an active gym member or find yourself struggling to pay membership fees cancel it. Get a DVD or even better YouTube has free fitness videos accessible at your convenience.
  12. Make use of the refund policy if you are not happy with your purchase and do it sooner rather than later.
  13. If you are easily influenced by the lifestyles you see on social media or celebrities and find it hard to restrain yourself from having a piece of what they have turn off social media. Don’t flick through magazines either if you are easily influenced by what you see.
  14. Downsize your lifestyle, you are the only one who knows where it hurts financially
  15. Stick to the budget.
  16. Save on energy bills by wrapping and dressing warm. Use an airier instead of the tumble dryer

Share in the comments your everyday money saving tips.


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