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Wedding Plan: Final tips



It is a wrap for now on the wedding series but certainly no the last, will revisit in future and here are my final thoughts.

  1. A big or small budget does not set the tone for a perfect wedding.
  2. Let your budget dictate the guest list you can have not the other way round as that means as your guest list grows so does your budget.
  3. Watch the guest list, it has a knock on effect other things as previously mentioned the budget, also venue and catering. Stick to the numbers.
  4. Cut your clothe according to your size. It is not worth getting loans, credit cards or overdraft to pay for your wedding.
  5. If you cannot afford wedding rings buy what you can afford then save up for what you really wanted when your financially stable.
  6. The honeymoon is another purchase that you can delay until you can afford to, it could be an anniversary gift to each other.lankanfushi-673451_1920
  7. Research and research again, compare prices, check reviews, ask questions.
  8. This is the first “project” so to speak you will work on as a couple and you will be tested. I hope that it will bring out the best in each of you no matter what challenges you face in the planning process.
  9. It is not worth falling out with friends and family over  your wedding, clear any misunderstandings, agree to disagree and keep it moving. Ladies tame bridezilla there are no excuses for being mean or nasty.
  10. Some tasks are interdependent of each other. For example setting the date means you can book the venue, caterer, photographer, print and send out the wedding invitation cards. Guest list determines the size of the venue you book, too small and you cant hold all guests, too big and you may go over budget.
  11. Make sure the premises you choose is licensed for you to be legally married.
  12. Take in every moment as the day goes so quick, whether its the speeches, seeing family and friends you haven’t seen for a while, first dance, take it all in.
  13. No wedding goes without having a glitch here and there, don’t let that overshadow the day.
  14. Wear something blue, something old and something borrowed or it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding! I had my wedding pictures taken before the wedding ceremony. Don’t follow the status quo or the crowd.
  15. It’s good to get wedding inspirational ideas from celebrities, family or friends, but by no means should you be channelling someone else be yourself. Your wedding should not be a show or showing off to get recognition or prove a point. People who know you will pick up on this. Let your personalities shine through if you like classical music, poetry, the arts incorporate it.




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