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Bride Plan: Pay less or not a penny




Rolls Royce Phantom still remains the car I would have loved to be driven in for my wedding but the cost was not value for money. Don’t get me wrong vintage cars, horse carriage, they make a wonderful backdrop for pictures and yes it is a once in a life time opportunity. Think about how much you will use the car, points when it will be stationery is it worth it? Its not like your wedding dress which will be on all day or wedding venue where you will eat, drink and celebrate. Save money by

  1. Having your wedding all in one venue
  2. Borrow someone’s car that you can use
  3. If it is a walking distance, walk
  4. Use a London black taxi
  5. Put your car to use and decorate it
  6. Wedding bus, this will save you the cost of hiring several cars for the bridal party
  7. Cycle decorate your bicycle with flowers or all bells and whistle of your choice


blue-1284240_1920Let’s put things into perspective, the purpose of the wedding invitation card is to let guests know the date, time, venue of the wedding and R.S.V.P.

Whether it is a DIY, expensive or dear wedding invitation card the same message will be conveyed. Save money by doing it yourself, getting a very basic package or e-invites. Guests misplace or even forget where they put the card, they’ll be phoning or asking you too send them the details. This applies to the wedding programme too, keep it simple.

Pre loved wedding décor and dress

Some pre loved items look as good as new and difficult to tell that they have been used. When you also take into consideration you are going to use these items for just a day not to mention a couple of hours. Make sure you inspect the items rather than relying on photos. If you get a pre loved dress or suit dry clean and make alterations to clothing to have the perfect fit. Check preloved for listings.


  1. It is cheaper to hire a DJ instead of a live band.
  2. If you can’t afford a DJ I’m sure in today’s technology you can mix music and just have it playing at the press of a button.
  3. There may be up and coming bands or artists in your local area that would not mind to showcase their music for free in exchange for publicity. They may charge a small fee or charge for transport.  Just because its free make sure the music is to your taste.
  4. Does your friend or family member play an instrument or is a good singer let them show case their talent at the wedding.

Toast master or master of ceremony

A friend or family member who knows you very well can take on this role plus it feels a bit more personable. It will require sitting with them to plan the order of the day plus, let them be aware of housekeeping rules that the guests will need to be aware of. Someone with a good personality that can interact with guests, good at public speaking can take on this role.



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