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Wedding Plan: Easy ways to cut costs

Get married in low season

The most popular months to get married in the UK are May -September, with most weddings taking place in August. Opt to get married during the low season. Also consider getting married on one of the days between Sunday- Thursday as Saturday is the most popular followed by Friday. For more statistics theweddingsecret

Hair and makeup


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton  did her own wedding makeup. It is achievable, it will take time, patience and practice especially if you are a beginner.

  1. YouTube has plenty of bridal tutorials showing you step by step makeup application. Master the basics first, this will ease you into enhancing your techniques. Take pictures of yourself, ask for feedback and time yourself so you know how much time you will need on the big day. Make sure all the products are laid on the surface for ease of reach and to save time.
  2. Attend a bridal makeup session for a fee which is redeemable at the point of purchase. A make up artist will create a make up look based on your skin type and what is most flattering as a bride. Ask questions and get some tips on makeup application.
  3. If you have a friend or family member that is good at doing makeup ask. Make sure you have a few sessions with them applying your makeup to make sure you like the look created. Your wedding day should not be the first time they touch your face!

Photography & Videography

You’ve taken your vows, cut the cake, speeches done and danced all night long, the day goes so fast, feels like the blink of an eye. Photography and videography will capture these memories, that you can look back on with families and friends. This makes it difficult to cut costs but it is possible.

  1. Find a local photographer or videographer as those from a far include time and travel in their fees. Avoid costs which include their assistants who are there to help set up different shots.
  2. Though this is risky try someone fresh from photography or videography school make sure you have a look at their portfolio. They want to impress you as they are starting out and will want to do their best.
  3. Choose a basic wedding package that will capture key moments.

With all due respect, I’d be cautious to use family and friends to do your wedding photography unless this is their profession. It is very difficult to say no to family and friends without hurting their feelings. A compromise perhaps is to be an informal photographer just make sure they don’t get in the way of the official photographer.




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