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Wedding Plan: Planning and managing expectations


Expect to have challenges as you plan the wedding especially managing expectations not only as a couple but from family and friends. The strength and love of your relationship will be tested. Be there for one another at all times and on the same page about the wedding. People will try and come between you or take advantage of the one who appears weaker to have their way, as long as you stand by each other you have nothing to fear or worry about.

There is no denying planning a wedding no matter how big or small can be overwhelming, you may feel all over the place and wondering where to start from. On top of that you are working full time, do not despair or be discouraged. If the budget doesn’t  allow you to have a wedding planner that’s ok, this is your opportunity to get hands on planning your special day. Pinterest and theknot website are a good resources to get started, you will find ideas, checklist and other tools to get you going.

It will take a lot of time, energy and dedication to plan a wedding and you cannot do it all, there are too many hats to juggle. Rally round  a few of your most reliable friends and family who can commit to help you plan the wedding then utilise their strengths and skills. Delegate tasks that need doing, decide on how frequently you will meet to check on the progress. Overall you are in charge and have the final say and you should not have that taken away, you give the go ahead and your actions should reflect that. Delegation is important, you don’t want to hold everything so close then a day before the wedding you are telling people what to do or on the wedding day you are telling people what to do. The wedding day goes so fast you don’t want to be concerning yourself with things other people are capable doing. People mean well, along the way, your team may shrink, you have no choice but to pick up where they left of and keep it moving.

Ladies I have to warn you, you may find yourself more hands planning the wedding than your fiancé and it may be irritating. By all means express how you feel but complaining or rowing will not make things better. You may have to tell him exactly what he needs to do and by when.

It is possible your lunch breaks, evenings and weekends will be taken up by the wedding, give yourself a break so you don’t burn out. Go to the gym, meet up with friends or do something fun it will refresh your mind.

Take time to check in on your significant other it is important to remain connected to strengthen your relationship.  As mentioned before, a wedding is an event, marriage is a life time. Remember all the things you did prior to the engagement, try and keep that momentum going. Discuss the future, tackle any challenges, have fun, listen to each other, sometimes being in each others presence that is enough. Planning the wedding should not take be a reason to disconnect.





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