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Wedding Plan: Catering


Guests from far and near will be expecting a meal of some sort, not to mention little kids who start to make their request of hunger known before the ceremony is over. Food is one of those things that people may remember your wedding for. Food was delicious, food arrived late, there wasn’t enough………I could go on.

A huge part of your budget will be catering for food and drink. Number of guests attending needs to be confirmed and finalised no last minute additions as they impact on the cost of your catering. Secondly the venue you book plays a key role to the type of catering you want. Certain venues have a list of caterers that they will only allow at their premises and others do not allow self catering.

You can cut costs by

  1. Having a simple menu and stick to it, a menu will determine the costs used to cater for the wedding. A simple menu does not mean less variety, be creative with your dishes and remember to cater for vegetarians.
  2. Self catering if you have family and friends who are willing to make large quantities of food this will be the most cost effective way to cater for your wedding. You will only be paying them for ingredients. Be as creative as you like when it comes to food presentation to make it more expensive than it is.
  3. Have a kids menu if the caterer or hotel is catering. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen kids wasting food as their taste buds were not impressed. Not to mention going to fast food restaurant or reaching for the snacks and sandwiches you packed just in case.
  4. Use produce that is in season.
  5. Buffet menu, guests get to choose what they want to eat and how much at the food station. There may even be opportunities for seconds!

Formal dining drives up costs as it will require silver staff to serve the food.




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