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Wedding Plan: Flowers & Decorations


Flowers continue to dominate the décor of weddings whether centrepieces or bouquets and the costs can quickly add up. How can we have great looking centre pieces without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions on how to minimise costs.

Big blooming flowers are great for filling vases as you use fewer stems. Flowers like hydrangeas, peonies, baby breath, sun flowers, chrysanthemum will make your money go a long way.

Use flowers in season to maximise your budget anything out of season will create additional costs.

Make use of Pinterest for floral and decoration ideas. Also for DIY tips. Make use of google and YouTube for tutorials on floral arrangement then practice, practice, practice! Let this be your labour of love for the wedding.

If you have a friend or family member who can offer their services for free or at a cheaper rate go for it.

Take a course on floral arrangement or wedding design/décor course. This will eliminate the need for a florist for the wedding. Post your wedding, you can turn this into a hobby and may be a side job for events.

Consider faux flowers, they will last longer and are a good keepsake to remember your wedding by. You can also turn it into a business for wedding and events hire!

Flowers are not the only centrepieces, mix and match with tea lights, paper lanterns, ribbons……….

Look for websites that sell pre-loved wedding décor at a cheaper price such as sellmywedding

Remember all the flowers are just for one day, how much or how little you want to budget for them is your choice. There will be guests to be fed, will that be more important than flowers and decorations?



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